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Welcome to our town - Prievidza

The first written document about Prievidza (Preuigan) appeared in a document from the Hungarian king Koloman in 1113, confirming property owned by a Benedictine abbey at Zobor. An advantageous geographic position contributed to the town's establishment and development. Prievidza lay at the intersection of two important commercial roads, which suggests that Prievidza is an ancient Slavic settlement.
The most important source covering Prievidza's medieval history can be, without doubt, a charter issued on 28 January 1383 for the town, which emphasizes that the Prievidza locality was one of the free royal cities.
Favourable conditions for the development of crafts in Prievidza led early to the establishment of guilds. The oldest preserved written mention of the tailors' guild in Prievidza originates from 1545.
A partial picture of Prievidza's commercial and social relationships later in history is provided by a census taken in 1870, which counted 2,719 persons and 388 houses in Prievidza. This period is characterized by the beginning of industrialization. In 1875, the Carpathia factory was built.
The face of the city radically changed in the second half of the 20th century, when rapid industrial development shaped what had originally been a small town of 5,000 into the large city you see today.
Come and be welcomed to our city, which has the most number of green areas per capita in all of Slovakia. The bustling world around us not only has to be felt, but requires some getting used to. You also need to spend some time, open your eyes and learn a little bit about the town. Make use of this luxury and take in the strength and harmony from the past for the present.
You can walk across the City of Prievidza in only a few hours, but why should you be in such a hurry? Merchants and tradesmen from long ago, who came with their wares, stopped in Prievidza to relax before continuing along their way.
A poet once said that the best way to get to know the world or a town is by feeling it with your feet until you are exhausted. Come wherever to visit us, and almost anywhere you go, you'll be surrounded by nature. Your eyes will discover something new with each step. Just stand still for a little while and feel the beauty of the countryside, the charm of the city, the beat of vibrant life and the joy of the various people living within it.

Welcome to the City of Prievidza's website. We have prepared for you plenty of information in the hope it will help you better orient yourself to the city and its surroundings and attract you to a number of interesting places where you would definitely want to come back again. You will get to learn a lot about the city of Prievidza, its culture, traditions and history. We offer you a variety of ideas tol help you decide where you want to spend your free time, or to get a taste of hiking, side trips, culture or sports.
So come and take in the beauty and hospitality of Prievidza and its inhabitants in full.

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