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MVDr. Norbert Turanovič

City Manager, City Hall

The City Manager is employed by the city. He is appointed and can be dismissed by the City Mayor. The City Manager runs and organizes work at City Hall and participates in discussions by the City Council and City Board in an advisory role. He is liable to the City Mayor for his activities.

The City Manager:
  • drafts special purpose and rational structure of City Hall
  • sees to the efficient organization of work by the City Hall's department and division managers
  • is responsible for coordinating, fulfilling and checking duties assigned to City Hall
  • facilitates relationships and coordinates individual sections and divisions at City Hall and provides advice in discussions to find solutions to problems
  • facilitates relations with city authorities, City Council bodies, civil service authorities, businesses and organizations acting within the city's jurisdiction
  • safeguards compliance with the rule of law in the City Hall's work and the application of legislative measures
  • responds to questions from City Council members about policy or City Hall business
  • suggests changes in personnel at City Hall for the Mayor
  • takes care to increase the expertise level of City Hall employees and formalizes appropriate working conditions for them
Prievidza City Hall, City Manager's secretarial office
(City Hall, 1st Floor, Room 105)

Tel.: +421 46 517 91 50

Stránky prevádzkuje
Mesto Prievidza

Námestie slobody č. 14, 971 01 PRIEVIDZA
Tel.:.+421/0/46/51 79 110 | Fax: +421/0/46/542 34 74

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