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This symbol is only used by the City Mayor at official ceremonies and at events significant for the entire city which are either organized by the city within its territorial jurisdiction or in which the city participates. This insignia was produced in the mid-20th century at Sandrik in Dolné Hámre. It is made from white metal and artistically crafted. When it was produced, original silver clasps and brooches were used. These were part of the outfits worn by residents of Prievidza up to the beginning of the 20th century. The chain is also adorned with precious jewels from the collection of a former functionary in the City National Committee, Gregor Králik, who donated them to the city for this purpose. On the chain's pendant is a medal with the symbol of the city, executed according to a design created in 1946 by an academic artist, Vladimír Vestenický. The motif of a kneeling angel with a cross is derived from the city's original symbol, though the angel is kneeling not on rocks but on a cogged wheel from a stamp mill, commemorating the clothing and textile industry which flourished at one time in Prievidza. On both sides of the angel's figure are silhouettes of Prievidza's church towers.

Stránky prevádzkuje
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