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The metropolis of the Upper Nitra Valley, Prievidza is a city with a rich history that began to be written by a community of hunters settling on Mariánsky Vŕšok (St. Mary's Hill). Guilds of craftwork masters continued here, who through the characteristic skills and craftsmanship in their hands left an indelible mark on the city. The process of development and important community and political changes in Prievidza were also documented by a number of shadowy figures and negative events that peaked in the "Velvet Revolution" at the end of the 1980s. These changes have also brought new elements of free and democratic life to the center of the Upper Nitra Valley. The first free elections to administrative bodies that took place in the City of Prievidza in 1990 created broader possibilities and wider space for representatives to work in, who in accordance with the Prievidza city charter are solving issues related to development and moving the city forwards, covering all sides to produce genuine conditions at home for all inhabitants.

The chapters of the present-day city's pulsating life are being written by more than fifty-two thousand residents. The city is the administrative center for the region, where government offices, headquarters of significant businesses and the executive boards of private firms are located. At the same time, it is a center for banking and financial institutions as well as a number of educational facilities, including universities. It is also the home of cultural, pedagogical and community establishments and interested groups. Within Trenčín Region, of which the Upper Nitra geographically lies, Prievidza occupies a distinct position as a city with a high concentration of important institutions. The large number of parks and green zones within the city of Prievidza make it one of the greenest places in Slovakia. At the same time, Prievidza is the city with the highest amount of commercial space per capita and a strong commercial network, which testifies to its significant contribution to the economic happenings not just in the region, but also in all of Slovakia. Prievidza is also the city with the highest number of sporting venues, which undoubtedly will be keep future generations interested. Thanks to new neighborhood agglomerations with a high concentration of youth, Prievidza is considered to be a city of young people. And this orientation toward young people is where the future and perspective of this Upper Nitra metropolis - our Prievidza - lies.

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