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The oficial site of the Prievidza city


The City of Prievidza will be one of the most memorable metropolises in Slovakia - the economic and cultural community metropolis of the Upper Nitra - connected to the main European transportation routes. The city's rich history, its intellectual, cultural, educational and sporting traditions also continue to thrive and a changing presence will continually inspire its citizens toward meaningful and active lives, while interesting visitors in Prievidza.
In the area of revitalizing its economic base, the City of Prievidza will be utilizing the multiplicative effect of tourism, where an ongoing growth in productivity and employment is being reported, preserving and creating new job opportunities and financial sources.
Prievidza will be a city with a strong infrastructure and advantageous environment for successfully investing and doing business. The city is creating the ability to join small and medium-sized enterprises in the city's developmental activities.
The City of Prievidza will be thoughtfully obtaining new investors to encourage growth and develop existing enterprises, while strengthening their involvement in the city's economy.
Through its residents and visitors, Prievidza will create and offer assorted possibilities for an active life, utilizing its cultural, historical and sporting potential and recognizing the city's traditions.

Stránky prevádzkuje
Mesto Prievidza

Námestie slobody č. 14, 971 01 PRIEVIDZA
Tel.:.+421/0/46/51 79 110 | Fax: +421/0/46/542 34 74

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