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Day 9

Topoľčianky, 61 km from Bojnice, in the village is an exquisite manor house that attracts tourists from all parts of Slovakia. Next to the manor house stood at one time the master’s grange and a brewery as well as the master’s fields and meadows. The manor house is a Neo-Classicist building set within a vast park. Topoľčianky Castle – originally a fortress, it has undergone reconstruction several times to its current appearance of a castle with a Neo-Classical façade and Gothic-Renaissance courtyard. A national cultural monument, it served in 1923-1951 as the summer residence of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic. The museum, open to the public, is located within the Neo-Classicist wing. There are guided tours for groups, with accompanying interpretation in Slovak or German. A guided tour lasts 60 minutes. Admission: adults - 60 Sk, students, soldiers, retirees and children - 45 Sk, children under 6 – free.

Ethnographic Room – contains historical examples of how people in the countryside lived at the turn of the 20th century. Besides providing a general picture of life’s necessities, there are also located here such objects as looms, spinning wheels, lanterns, etc. For today’s young generation this is an unknown world, though important for obtaining knowledge about their identity. A guided tour with technical interpretation lasts 20 minutes. Admission: adults 10 Sk, children 5 Sk

Equestrian Museum – is a unique place that provides a comprehensive picture of everything related in the past as well as the present to horse breeding. This is the only museum of its type in Slovakia. More than 2,000 examples from history are on exhibit in four pavilions (dedicated to horse trappings, carriages and coaches, craftwork – a blacksmith’s shop, saddle leathery, wheelwright’s shop and horse breeder’s accommodation – and a history of equestrian sports). For groups there is a technical interpretation and video show available. A guided tour lasts approx. 60 minutes. Admission: adults - 20 Sk, children 10 Sk

Wisent Preserve – a frequently visited attraction is the wisent (European bison) breeding farm in the Piesky preserve, 6 km from the center of Topoľčianky, with parking also available for buses. The most appropriate time for visiting is 11.00 AM – 1.00 PM, when the wisents arrive to feed. Otherwise, they have already returned to the forest overgrowth and it becomes necessary to hike along a long trail in order to see them. For groups, a technical interpretation by wisent breeders is provided. Admission: adults - 20 Sk, children - 10 Sk.

Topolčianky Winery – one of the largest wine producers in Slovakia (5 million liters annually), in one of its buildings an entertainment area has been constructed to accommodate wine tour participants as well as separate organized tours and social gatherings. In addition to excursions, social events and wine tasting, guests can also purchase products on a small scale. Also open for individual visitors - Monday - Friday 7.30 AM - 3.30 PM.

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