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Side trips

Day 7

Rajec Valley (Rajecká dolina) 47km from Prievidza – the attractive little town of Rajecké Teplice offers recreational opportunities in gorgeous surroundings. The pride of the nearby village of Kunerad is a romantic castle. The commercial center is Rajec, known for its woodcarving traditions. A remarkable experience for visitors is to participate in a traditional Mardi Gras Carnival celebrated by the people of Fačkov, Rajecká Lesna a v Čičmany. A destination for pilgrims is Rajecká Lesná, whose dominant feature is a wood-carved Nativity Scene that has around 300 figures, over half of which move. This work of art was created by a native of Rajecké Teplice, Jozef Pekár. The woodcarving is 8.5 meters in length and 3 meters in width and is one of the largest wood-carved nativity scenes in Europe. It can be seen not only as showing the Birth of Christ, but also as a historical and cultural look at the Slovak nation.
Open: Monday - Friday 9.00 AM - 12.00 noon and 1.00 PM - 5.00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM. Admission is free. (Tel. +421 41/548 81 34)

Gallery at Rajecká Lesnej:
The Gallery is located in the upper floor of the same building where the Nativity Scene is housed. Here you can marvel at the beautiful exhibits of work done by Rajec Valley masters.

Rajecké Teplice is a much sought after place for relaxation, either at the Laura thermal pool or the Veronika pool in Rajec.

Čičmany, 35 km from Prievidza is famous for its folk architecture, which attracts a number of tourists.
The Váh Region Museum (Považské museum) in Žilina established its first exhibit in Čičmany at a one-storey traditional building, the Radenovo House. Inside, folk costumes and handicrafts are shown. The clothes are richly embroidered with needlework and lace. The home ornament motifs are inspired by the embroidery of the period. Čičmany’s comprehensive folk architecture was declared in 1979 to be a cultural preserve. The beautiful surroundings provide a wealth of opportunities for hiking and walking among virgin forest. (Municipal office telephone: +421 41/ 549 21 23) In winter, Čičmany is also a popular destination with five ski lifts and trails at nearby Javorina.

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