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Side trips

Day 3

We invite you to discover another corner of the Upper Nitra by traveling to the city of Handlová. While touring the town, you can visit the Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Nicholas’s Church as well as the Ján Procner Gallery and Museum (containing exceptional mining-themed woodwork) – tours by appointment (Tel. 547 69 77). You can travel beyond the city for lunch at the Rybárska bašta (Fisherman’s Bastion), on the road to Žiar nad Hronom, and see en route a protected tree – a sequoia in the Nová Lehota quarter of the city.

If you are among those adventurers who love to hunt for your own lunch, stop at Remata while returning to Prievidza and go fishing in pleasant surroundings at an ornamental fishpond that has been made ready for you. The Remata ornamental fishpond offers: grills, camping, goulash parties, roasts, fishing, children’s activities and refreshments.

Guest rate: 100 Sk per person for the entire day, rod and reel rental: 50 Sk (Tel. +421 905 511 799)

Stránky prevádzkuje
Mesto Prievidza

Námestie slobody č. 14, 971 01 PRIEVIDZA
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