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Sport Hall

Address: Ul. olympionikov 2, Prievidza
Contacts: +421 46 543 91 81, 543 07 93, 543 91 79
Fax: 543 07 63
Managed by: Hornonitrianske Bane Prievidza, a.s. (Upper Nitra Mines) Mr. Mečiar

Sports: the Sport Hall has three playing areas (three gymnasiums).
  1. The main playing area is a combined court for basketball, volleyball, team handball and indoor football, measuring 45 x 25 meters and 11 meters high. It is equipped with a suspended spring board floor. The bleachers seat 1,900. The hall meets standards for international meets.
  2. The wrestling room is furnished with two 12 x 12 meter wrestling mats for wrestling, karate, judo and rhythmic exercise. It can also be used during short periods for sales fairs and exhibition markets. This gymnasium is also used regularly for aerobics and conditioning, supervised by trained instructresses, Mondays thru Fridays, usually 7.30 – 8.30 PM.
  3. The 22 x 15 meter gymnastics room is furnished with special gymnastic apparatuses, including a spring board floor for floor exercises. It is used for both artistic and rhythmic gymnastics.
  4. Fitness room – for performance athletes and the general public.
  5. A snack bar serves refreshments to visitors.
  • Sauna – open daily 11.00 AM – 8.30 PM – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for men, Tuesdays and Thursdays for women.
  • Hand massage – partial and full
  • Hydro-massage – classic, pearl and whirlpool
In addition to rehabilitative services, supplementary services, such as blood-pressure measuring and electrotherapy, are also offered along with diadynamic, ultrasound, bio-lamp and myostimulating equipment for removing layers of fat.

Services related to physical fitness (inclusive of VAT)
Sauna - adults 70 Sk per person
Sauna – children under 10 15 Sk per person
Pearl massage 10 min. 40 Sk per person
Classic massage 10 min. 50 Sk per person
Hand massage - partial 15 min. 90 Sk per person
Hand massage - total 25 min. 130 Sk per person
Large whirlpool – for legs 10 min. 30 Sk per person
Small whirlpool – for arms 10 min. 10 Sk per person
Myostimulator 50 min. 80 Sk per person
Rent space (exclusive of VAT)
Main gymnasium – recreational sports 1 hour 600 Sk
Gymnasium rental for cultural events 1 hour 1800 Sk
Rent for sporting events under regular lighting 1 hour 700 Sk

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Mesto Prievidza

Námestie slobody č. 14, 971 01 PRIEVIDZA
Tel.:.+421/0/46/51 79 110 | Fax: +421/0/46/542 34 74

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