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JUDr. Ing. Ľuboš Maxina, PhD.

Acts and activities the Deputy Mayor is authorized to perform:
  1. Whenever the Mayor is present, the Deputy Mayor:
    1. takes part in developing, examining and carrying out the city's development programs;
    2. takes part in obtaining funds for the city's needs;
    3. cooperates with civil service authorities and local authorities, charitable, cultural and sport associations and commercial entities when enforcing and protecting the city's interests;
    4. liaises with council representatives, council representative caucuses and electoral district boards, acts on suggestions, proposals and requests by relevant bodies and representative offices within the city;
    5. takes part in ensuring decisions are issued and property taxes and local fees are levied in accordance with General Mandatory Ordinances, including signing payment assessments;
    6. cooperates in ensuring discussion by the City Council, City Board and City Council Committees and their collaboration with the City Board and City Council;
    7. coordinates cooperation between the City Board and City Hall;
    8. participates in discussions, reviews and inspections, following the City Mayor's instructions;
    9. fulfills duties defined by the City Mayor, City Council and City Board;
    10. takes part in preparing the agenda for all city authorities and the City Council
  2. In the City Mayor's absence or when the City Mayor is incapacitated and unable to perform his office:
    1. During any short-term absence for business trips, holiday or sick leave or for other reasons, the Deputy Mayor:
      • performs all acts and activities shown in Part A;
      • chairs meetings of the City Council and City Board;
      • carries out current acts related to the City Council's activities and ensuring the city's operations;
      • in matters dealing with property rights, performs the necessary acts directed toward concluding contracts or agreements, i.e. he participates in negotiations, takes part in gathering and preparing supporting documents, etc.; he is not authorized to sign documents or agreements;
      • in legal relationships with employees, takes part in gathering information and supporting documents for acts relating to employment, he is not authorized to sign any legal acts regarding the establishing, altering or terminating of an employment relationship or employment activities performed outside an employment relationship.
    2. During any long-term absence or incapacity to perform the office, in accordance with Sec. 13b par. 5 of Act No. 369/1990 Coll. on Municipalities, as amended, the Deputy Mayor performs all the duties of the City Mayor.
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